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ONLINE ONLY – Harmonic Frequency Healing: The Secret to Happiness – Module 4

April 30 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Module 4: Finding the Secret to Happiness
Step into the ease of feeling happy, as you observe how sound releases pain & negative beliefs you hold about yourself. You could spend years talking about certain pain that does not release as much as 3-6 sessions of sound does  It is because of this whole subconscious mind component that has been discussed repeatedly throughout this series. We cannot talk about nor process through feelings that we do not know that we have.  Sound is as simple and complex as someone going into the box of memories of when your painful beliefs were created, unlocking that box, and letting them out of you. You will feel happier and lighter, like a weight has been lifted off of you. This will happen as the painful ways that you judge yourself and you life leave your feeling body. And then the only remaining result possible, is the feeling of happiness.

It is then and only then that you will truly know, feel, and find – The Secret to Happiness.

Harmonic Frequency Healing: The Secret to Happiness
This online-only opportunity provides beginners as well as experienced participants in sound healing, a guided harmonic frequency healing session led by Erica Thibeault & Carlos A. Perez, DC.

This program consists of four 1-hour long sessions that will be offered as a live-stream online event with unlimited access to recordings of each module made available after 24 hours from the start of the event.

The 4 modules will be offered every Tuesday evening in April on the following dates: 4/9, 4/16, 4/23 and 4/30.

During each module, you will hear various sound healing frequencies that directly correspond to the human body in order to facilitate the release of pain and bring forth your ability to feel deeper levels of joy within yourself.

Examples of some of the sound healing instruments you will hear include tuning forks, crystal singing bowls, chimes, Native American Flute, and drum.

Please note, in order to optimize the harmonic experience, participants are encouraged to be in a quiet and comfortable setting while wearing earbuds or headphones.


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