Sound Healing Meditations

Each of these sound healing meditations below are available for your enjoyment on major streaming services as well as music downloading sites. 

Along the River: Crystal Singing Bowl Chakra Meditations is a musical voyage that brings the listener into a state of deep relaxation and balance, while harmonizing the chakras of the body with the soothing tones of crystal singing bowls. Each track offers its own unique blend of harmonies, toning and chanting which comforts and guides the listener to a profound state of stillness and presence. 

Eternal Echoes blends the primal tones of the didgeridoo and serene sounds of crystal singing bowls. This musical journey brings listeners to elevated states of consciousness that soothes the soul, comforts the body, and eases the mind. A magical dimension of healing through harmonic tones awaits you. 

Resonant Awakening is a powerful tool for balancing and energizing the chakras. This album offers deeply restorative tones of the didgeridoo and crystal singing bowls accompanied by soothing guided meditations, toning and chanting. These performances will take you on a sonic voyage that will help to release, renew, and restore radiant health of body, mind and spirit. 

Brisas Susurrantes is my first musical project as a composer and producer with didgeridoo accompaniment and mix/mastering by Joseph Carringer of JHP Studios Global and Didge Therapy. This song provides a soothing connection to the sounds of the Carribean that awakens your inner rhythms as well as evoke the sense of comfort in your Heart and Soul. Close your eyes and enjoy the sounds of the Whispering Breezes, aka Brisas Susurrantes. 

Sancocho Bonito is a playful description for this tropical downtempo song which truly balances the forces of tension and release with sound from the didgeridoo, synthesizers and piano. It was an absolute pleasure to co-create this song with Joseph Carringer who once again brought his skills and artistry to the table to produce this beautiful piece of music. We were also blessed to collaborate again with Angelica Danielle whose movements in this video and in Brisas Susurrantes helps capture the Essence of both pieces in a magical and beautiful way. 

Celestial Surfing is a sonic opening to celestial states of consciousness. This track brings the listener on a journey with their soul. A journey to a place that weaves bliss and passion with a side of deep rhythms and divine soundscapes. Set your intentions and enjoy the ride.

Life is a song, Love is the music.

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