“Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is enlightenment.”

Lao Tzu

My Origin Story

Who Am I?

That’s a great question and one that I promise to answer in just a moment.

But another great question to ask is Who are You? Sure, you may answer this question by telling me your name, but does it tell me Who You Are? Does it tell me your purpose? Your path? Your passions? Does it tell me what makes you tick? What makes you tock?

Well, how ‘bout this. Take some time to think about that question and when you feel like you have your answer, then let’s connect. I would love to know Who You Are.

But what if after reading my story you don’t have your answer? Then definitely connect with me because I can help you.

So let’s go back to the question, “Who Is Carlos?” Well, I have a beautiful story to share with you and it goes a little something like this…

How on Earth did I get here?

A wise person once told me that we all have a superpower. We all have a gift that we are here to bring forth not just to ourselves but to our community. For 33 years, I went through life doing what I thought I should be doing so that I could be seen as a good person in the eyes of my parents, my church, my school, and everything else that played a major role in shaping and supporting my beliefs, my perceptions, and what I thought was my truth.

I thought my superpower was to do what others expected of me, what my moral compass directed me to, and what I should do to be seen as a good person in other people’s eyes. Instead, this pattern of thinking, speaking, and living did the opposite and my superpower started to diminish and ultimately extinguish.

In 2010, my life changed completely. It changed more drastically than I could have ever imagined. I went through a profound cascade of events that left me feeling completely drained, alone, empty, depressed and without purpose for existing anymore. Some people hit rock bottom, but I felt like I went beyond rock bottom. Life, as I knew it, had no meaning anymore which in my mind meant that I no longer had meaning. What was the point anymore?

With the support of family, friends, colleagues, teachers, masters, and leaders, I once again started to feel the ignition within my soul and began to slowly take off my mask to the world. It was a delicate and difficult process at first. I felt so much shame, blame, guilt, worthlessness, and every feeling that I had spent 33 years sweeping under the rug and burying deep beneath the surface.

To my surprise, as I started to reveal more of who I truly was, I started to also feel more connection, more love, more joy, and more possibilities in life that I had never dreamed of before.

I am still human, but I no longer live thinking that life happens TO me, but instead it happens FOR me. Oh, how powerful our language can be.

My mission is to help people remember who they are before the world told them who they were supposed to be. It’s not about FINDING who you are but REMEMBERING who you are. With the use of sound healing and other vibrational energy methods, I will help you create a sense of serenity in your mind and your body so that your True Self can show itSelf to the world.

Why does it matter?

This journey of remembrance is incredibly important to me because I believe it is our life purpose to BE so that we can DO, not the other way around. So many of us become consumed with the idea that our level of productivity equates to our level of self-worth and THAT IS NOT TRUE. When we can reconnect to our sense of BEing, then that allows us to DO without the same-old patterns of limitation that thrive when we live according to a doing-based value system. I know what it feels like to no longer have loving, positive connections with yourself and with life and those things are stories…not truth. Are you living your story or your Truth?

There is no magic pill. There is no single answer. There is no final destination. Everything in life is a flowing pattern of energy and I look forward to helping you reconnect with your flow and bring balance and harmony to your life, your mind, your body, and your journey.

Here is what YOU can expect from ME:

Whether we are meeting in person or remotely, you can expect to be SEEN, to be HEARD, to be WITNESSED. You can expect that I will honor your journey without judgement, blame, shame, or guilt.

You can expect to
cry, and you can
expect to laugh.

You can expect to feel uncomfortable, and you can expect to feel ease.

You can expect that I will help you remember the Innate Wisdom that has been, is, and will always be within YOU.

You can expect to feel guided and nudged but never forced or pressured.

Here is what I can help you with, specifically:

I can help you reconnect with your Truth, your Power, your Wisdom so that you can feel back on track, moving forward on your Path with Purpose and Passion. This means, I will help to remove the blockages, stagnations, and distorted patterns of thoughts, energy, and physical pain that keep you from having a free-flowing circuit of vital life force energy. In the end, my superpower helps my clients feel more at ease with themselves and their relationships to people, places, and things.

Here are the most common reasons WHY people come to me in the first place. The questions below tell the story of what my clients think at one point or another in their journey.

Do you feel alone? Do you feel afraid? Do you feel like you don’t have a reason to exist? I can help you.

Do you feel frustrated and angry with your life? I can help you.

Do you feel anxiety/anxiousness and overwhelm? I can help you.

Do you feel depressed and unmotivated? I can help you.

Do you have trouble staying focused? I can help you.

Do you feel stuck in life and unable to break the cycle of patterns that continue to make you feel like you’re not going anywhere? I can help you.

Do you feel that no matter how hard you try, you just can’t let go of the burdens you carry? I can help you.

How do I know if you can help me?

I understand completely if you feel doubt about whether or not I can help you. After all, how many times have you tried and yet still feel the same?

If you’re curious to know more about what I do, I have some examples that you can listen to or watch below. My advice would be to put on some headphones, drink some water, get comfortable and be open to receive whatever is needed at that moment. Be ready to feel a shift and notice what is different.

Shift Happens.

I look forward to getting to know you on a deeper level and going on this journey together.